Corporate Social Responsibility is an important component of the SATRUCO plan. We are committed to addressing specific challenges identified by communities through the Civic Associations and community partnerships we have. SATRUCO has identified the following areas of focus viz.

~ Community Programs – SATRUCO will target community centres e.g. churches, libraries for assistance in improving their resources and we will work with our Social Partners to identify such community structures.
~ Community Policing Forums to help meet their objectives whilst highlighting the role of the waste Tyre Industry
~ Enterprise Development Program – SATRUCO will establish a preferential procurement policy for SMME’S. Part of this program will be to encourage a Joint Venture partnership between SMME’S and established companies in the tyre industry based on 51/49 percent equity split, thus ensuring that a zero-hero based model is targeted within an agreed period.

Up to 5% of the waste management fee paid to SATRUCO is allocated towards social upliftment and corporate social investment initiatives.